We donated 50+ units of Narcan (100 individual sprays) to local residents in La Cañada at a USC/CHLA partnered event at La Cañada High School. The Narcan we gave out was used one week later on an unresponsive man in Pasadena and saved a life. Join the mission and get yourself a free Narcan today!


We made a donation to the Upward Bound House Homeless Shelter! Our mission is to help those in need. "Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." H. Zinn

We made a donation to Friends Helping Friends Los Angeles Homeless Shelter! This donation has furthered the Send Me Supplies Mission! In our donation, we gave Masks, Sanitizer, Thermometers, and Lysol Wipes & Spray.


We donated gloves and hand sanitizers to the Los Angeles County Fire Department Station 82! A special THANK YOU to all first responders out there, who are putting their lives on the line for our community!! Thank you firefighters and stay safe!

We made a donation to the Union Station Homeless Service! Every Donation we make furthers our mission. In this donation, we gave sanitizer, masks, face shields, and disinfectants.

We furthered our mission by donating 5000 gloves to the La Crescenta Valley Police Station! We would like to thank all essential workers so very much for all they do. To thank local police officers, we donated them gloves to help them stay safe! You could help further our mission by ordering to help make a difference.